Eve Gravel



"A pioneer in Quebec fashion, the brand was founded in 2002 by Montreal designer Eve Gravel. Her creations embody a contemporary, colourful and versatile aesthetic, offering throughout each collection a few bold pieces that elegantly punctuate the minimalist and timeless character of Eve Gravel. Each season, original prints are created in collaboration with Montreal artists, making the pieces all the more unique. Every collection usually includes a few limited edition styles." --Eve Gravel


Brand Values

"Local production being at the heart of the brand's DNA, all Eve Gravel creations are dreamed up in our workshop located in the Mile-End district and entirely designed in Montreal. By staying close to our manufacturers, we maintain control over the production chain, supporting the local economy while reducing our ecological footprint to a minimum. Consistent with our values, we emphasize the production of small quantities of quality clothing.

It is crucial to us that everyone involved in the production chain receives a decent wage and works in a pleasant setting. Collaboration, communication and teamwork are qualities that make our living environment stimulating where everyone's contribution is valued and respected. We are committed to the relationships established with our partners where everyone is considered a member of the Eve Gravel team." --Eve Gravel