Magnolia Pearl Magnolia Pearl Jacket 274 (O/S)

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Description: Cotton Denim Patched "Noriyo" Kimono Frock with Mending & Distressing.

This short, open front denim jacket is the perfect light layer to throw on when you need a little extra warmth or even just to add a finishing touch to an outfit.

Because they are handmade, no two Magnolia Pearl items are identical and variation is to be expected.

Color: Patches of blue denim in light and medium washes.

Fabric Content: 100% Cotton.

Fit: All Magnolia Pearl clothing is one-size and designed to fit a wide array of body types.

Care: Gentle wash with similar colors. Hang to dry.


Made in India.

Magnolia Pearl is not eligible for any discounts and cannot be sold at a reduced price.

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